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Booking a Court

Due to the outbreak of C0VID-19, we have had to implement a booking system to ensure the safety for our members.
Here is a link to the Booking system:
Members will receive an email invitation to the system, which allows you to log in and create new bookings.

Rules for using the on-line booking system.

For information Court 1 is the court nearest the car park and Court 2 is the court nearest the bowling green.
  • Everyone playing under each booking must be named in the booking details.  Also state the number of under 16s playing if applicable.
  • Each booking requires a contact 'phone number.
  • Bookings can be made no more than one week in advance.
  • No individual session can last for more than two hours.
  • No two or four people can play for more than two hours per day.
  • No two or four people can book more than four sessions a week

When the Email Invites are sent out, you should receive one that looks like this:

Email Invite

Click "Confirm account and setup login"

Create a password and login.
You should then be taken to the Schedule Page:

To create a booking, click on a time in the relevant Court, then double-click it to enter the booking details:

Here you can select the duration of the booking, which Court,  the Title\Notes (Please put all the names of the people playing and the number of children under 16 playing if applicable.), and any additional information.
*The boxes with a Red Star MUST be filled in to make the booking, so you will need to enter a phone number.*
Click "Confirm Booking" when you are finished
To Edit your booking, just double click on the booking to open it up and edit it.