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Summer Social 2018

posted 27 May 2016, 03:42 by David Williams   [ updated 2 Mar 2020, 05:01 ]

Hi all, I hope you are all enjoying the lovely weather and are managing to get down to the courts for a game or two.

I am looking to arrange a morning of Disc Golf or Mini Golf.

Disc Golf! I hear some of you ask, what's that?

Well it's Golf with Frisbees (sort of)!

It's situated in Milverton and here is the website: http://www.quarrypark.co.uk/

Rounds take about 2 hours to complete and cost £5 for 16 short holes or £6 for 18 longer holes.

Or another option would be a round of Mini Golf at St Nicks Park - http://www.stnicholaspark.co.uk/golf.php

I was thinking that maybe a Sunday morning (10am) would suit people so the date I have in mind is Sunday 5th August, but am open to other dates if many people cannot do that date.
Please let me know asap if you are interested.